Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Time to Blog

Many times since I last blogged in September, I have started typing away and I have hit a writer's block and said, "I'll finish it tomorrow." Each time I push that deadline a wee bit further down the road. I have 16 blogs posted, but I have 9 that I have started but never finished, 3 since I stopped back in September. Life is a little bit different since then. I've finished my first semester of college, I have been deemed a "treat" by some for my behavior. I have made some really great friends and perhaps I have burned some bridges. I have many successes yet I have still managed to fuck up for the sake of looking better or seeming noble. To those of you who have reached out to me during these past couple of months and actually saw me as a friend I thank you. I know I can be socially awkward and weird, I can flamboyant and unruly, and I can seem haughty and pretentious. But for those of you who like, love, and respect me in spite of this, you are my friends and you deserve no less from me.

So what I am going to blog about...frankly I dont know. This started out as a list blog, became a reflective one on my life, then into a music blog, and now...I don't know. This is whatever pops into my brain. I believe though that the title I set out for this blog still applies, I am rambling and I am a red-headed step-child. At my theatre group. In the honors housing. In the theatre department. I am the butt of the jokes and the punchline where one is needed. I encourage this a bit, yes. This teasing may be out of love for some, for others there are tinges of malice in their words. I cannot read people that well so for my own sanity I assume the former the majority of the time. But I know at times I have deserved the latter reason.

My god I can be the moody kind can't I? Honestly, I'm writing this to just get stuff out of my system and frankly being the slight narcissist that I am
"Nate loves himself. Nate is the Best" - BeefyMuchacho
I credit the Beefy Muchacho for taking those lyrics and matching them to "Carol of the Bells." Anywho, I've decided I might write these more as stream of consciousness now, because it just allows me to write, and yes ramble. So perhaps I should hit the high points of college


-Awesome Classes, for the most part, of the one I didn't like it had amazing people in it. If any of them read my blog, they know who they are (CMST 101-011 MWF 11:00-12:00 WOOT!)

-A rather acclaimed debut in the freshman show, Spoon River Anthology, gives me some hope for the next few semesters here.

-A smattering of friends. The honors wing at Callahan, you guys are awesome. Some of the really great people in the theatre department. I met my closest theatre friends pretty much first few days of school: Cynthea, Katie, Luke, Claire, and Eliot. You guys are amazing. I love our many nights of shennanigans. Longbottom, man, its been great getting to know you and I appreciate that you are one of the few people who will text me without prompting, thats why I like you. :) Laura, I love that after our the first get together for theatre department you randomly posted on my wall and have always invited me along to do stuff with you and your roomies. I really appreciate your compliments on my performances especially when I wasn't getting the feedback, any kind (good or otherwise), I wanted. For that, you and your blog get a shameless plug. She writes pretty well folks, give her a read!
Glitter Lasts Forever

-Understanding upperclassmen. Im not sure if its a good or a bad thing that Im on better terms with most of the upperclassmen in the honors wing and in the theatre department than those in the freshmen class. Oh well, I will remedy that soon enough. Thanks to you guys for letting me into the department so warmly. Thank you for being kind to me, giving me second chances, even after how much of a "treat" I was at my debut for the theatre department, not the freshmen show mind you.

-All Things Geeky. I have found more fellow Doctor Who fans right here in Callahan than the past two years since I started watching the show. I joined Dungeons and Dragons for Christ's Sake. And I LOVE IT!

-Debauchery, Im a college student guess what kind of debauchery it is.

I really don't feel like addressing the lows and I know you guys don't really feel like reading them so I will end it there. I will try my damndest to do more blogs but I really want to get cast in something and get a job and all that good stuff. So I will leave you on these high notes and bid you happy holidays and an even happier new year if I don't blog before that.

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